The results of the Darth Vader theme are: he remembers the song, not the letter names. The teacher has told me to forget trying to learn names.

We're working on one letter at a time now. Right now, it's M. I'm a little concerned. We worked on it all this week (saying the name, the sound it makes), but one of the students looked around the room and couldn't find any, despite there being 3 sets of the alphabet on the walls. I'm going to have to get the writing piece in there.

Since the last entry, the morning class has gained 2 students and the afternoon class has been split into too classrooms. The classroom I've been in has 16 students, and all but one of them "good" students. I've been trying to get into the other classroom to work with the "bad" kids (truely, just very needy), but the new teacher isn't very communicative, and I don't think he likes me just popping in. I've stayed out of his way, but I'm concerned for the students. I try to work with them while they're in there in the morning with me, but they've started checking out books, and that takes up most of my time in the morning. Hopefully the kids will get it together quicker so I can work with the ones that need it most.

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